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Windows hotkey to minimize all windows

windows hotkey to minimize all windows

In recent versions of Windows, there is a rectangular button in pc fix kit serial number v2.1.0 bottom right corner of the alternate gothic no 2 bt font taskbar that is hidden until you click.
3, bring all your windows back.
AltUp: Goes up a folder level in Windows Explorer.WinSpace: All windows become transparent so you can see through to the desktop.Window Management Shortcuts, one of the best changes in Windows 7 is the ability to "snap" windows to the side of the screen, maximize them by dragging to the top of the screen, or even move them to another monitor with a shortcut key.Related: Keep Windows Always on Top free utility, tutorials, windows, minimize All Open Windows Except The Active One.ShiftWinnumber (1-9 Starts a new instance of the application pinned to the taskbar in that position.Find the option Show open windows to maximize your active windows again.Video: How to quickly minimize all open windows except the active one.I want to use a keyboard shortcut that minimizes all open windows.The How-To Geek is quickly wearing out the keyboard on his new Windows 7 laptop.Windows 7 adds loads of great shortcuts for switching between apps, moving windows around your screen, moving them to another monitor altogether, and much more.Get Quick Access to Windows 7's Jump Lists From the Keyboard.Windows 7 finally includes the ability to add new folders from Read more Read Here's a few more interesting hotkeys for you: CtrlShiftN: Creates a new folder in Windows Explorer.3, click on another window to select.The command AltTab only works for minimizing/maximizing one window at a time.AltP: Toggles the preview pane in Windows Explorer.
The files/folders do not open, but go straight to the minimize option once I double click.