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War thunder mission editor

war thunder mission editor

You can click on this button, and the main editor window will display all the paths assigned to all objects.
Point zones are convenient to use for notation of waypoints along which the player will have to fly.A variety of aircraft with detailed flight models, exteriors, and interiors.In order to set up a waypoint, click the mouse cursor on a surface location in the main editor window.In the resulting window, select «initMission» from the available events.DagorEd - detailed landclasses added, changelog, minimal requirements for central processor reduced.Creating player's aircraft If you have carefully read the list of available commands, you have probably guessed what you are going.In the editor, you can have battles of 40 bots on each side.Clicking on this button will open a window with a list of all the mission objects where the objects can be selected for further manipulation.In the first field is the object's coordinate along the X axis, big fish games client in the second the Y axis (height above the surface and in the third the Z axis.In our example, this should be the «Bulge» map.Change the name of the points to «waypoint01» and «waypoint02 and raise them to a height of 1000 above the surface of the terrain.To the «to_the_end» trigger add the command «missionMarkAsWaypoint» in which you turned off the display for our last waypoint.
Most likely, you will find that the camera is looking at the terrain below and not with the most ideal viewing angle.
DagorEd, MissionEd begundal clan danger player - Compass added for better orientation.