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Up zamindari abolition and land reforms act 1950 pdf

up zamindari abolition and land reforms act 1950 pdf

(1) Subject to any conditions or restrictions that may be prescribed, the Compensation Officer or the Rehabilitation Grants Officer may, by written order, require any person to produce such documents, papers and registers or to furnish such information as the Compensation Officer or the.
Subject to the provisions of Sections 23 and 33, every entry in solid state electronic devices pdf the record of rights prepared or revised under the provisions of the United Provinces Land Revenue, Act, 1901 (U.P.
(2) If within one month after the delivery of possession, the tenant deposits the full amount in respect of which he has been ejected, the ejectment order shall be cancelled and the possession restored forthwith to the tenant.(1) The State Government may, at any time not earlier than twenty years from the commencement of this Act, direct a settlement (hereinafter referred to as the original settlement) of the land revenue of any district or part thereof.Bhumidhari interest when transferable.Registration of the declaration granted under Sections 143 and 144.Bhumidhari rights in Gaon Sabha or State Government land in certain circumstances.(3) An Order made under this section shall be laid before both Houses of the State Legislature as soon as may be after it is made.Do do do 24 209 Suit for ejectment of persons occupying land without title and damages do do do Suit for ejectment of persons from land of public utility Collector do do 27 212-B Suit for possession of the land or for compensation for wrongful.And (c) in the case of lease, immediately after the lessee has obtained the possession thereunder." 11 35 For the existing Section 35, the following shall be substituted : "35(1) On receiving a report of succession under Section 34, or on facts otherwise coming.Act xvii of 1939 or any other law relating to land tenure to the provisions of this Act: The State Government may, for the purpose of facilitating the said transition, by order- (a) direct that this Act, any provisions of the United Provinces Land Revenue.An asami shall, from the date rent becomes due, be liable to pay interest at six and a quarter per cent per annum on any instalment remaining unpaid.Notwithstanding any partition made on or after the eighth day of the August, 1946, a family shall be deemed to be joint.Order disposing of the objections.If any objection is filed within the time allowed therefor, it shall be registered by the Compensation Officer who shall fix a date for hearing the same and shall give intimation thereof to the intermediary concerned and to any person interested who may have.(1) Where a bhumidhar with transferable rights uses his holding or part thereof for a purpose not connected with agriculture, horticulture or animal husbandry which includes pisciculture and poultry farming, the Assistant Collector-in-charge of the sub-division may, suo motu or on an application, after.Mines worked by the intermediary.(1) Where- (a) any village or part of a village situated within the circle of a Gaon Sabha is included alter the 7th day of July, 1949, within the limits of any other local authority (not being a Gaon Sabha or (b) any village.30 212 Section 212 shall be deleted.
Land in the holdings to be settled with the tenants thereof as sirdar.