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The tube amp book by aspen pittman

the tube amp book by aspen pittman

The style shown (see pic) was made in 1952-53.
I use a Gibson (74 and the sound is definitely 70s rock.It is really nice fully cranked.Suitable precautions were taken during all measurements to ensure the voltage input range of every second counts book pdf the DSO-101 was not exceeded.The GA-5T used: 1x6EU7 (pre amp 1x6C4 (phase inverter 2x6BQ5 (in a push-pull the heirs episode 5 mkv power amp design solid state rectification via 2 diodes.The maximum RMS power output at the transformer primary for 2 tubes is given by the product of the RMS voltage and current swings or in terms of and plate load resistance as: where Vmin 60 V, Vmax Vb 455 V and Imax 370.The only thing I would have asked for stock is a little more speaker, but that has more to do with model selection than availability at the time, so the ten stands.Consider the simple diagram below of the plate-voltage vs plate-current power tube characteristic with different curves representing different control-grid voltages.Then using some basic calculus, it is easy to find the intersection point corresponding to maximum output power and to prove that it really is a maximum power point: where A is some constant which depends on the tube details.There were several very different Gibson amps that wore the 'Skylark' name over the years.Note that although the power output Po to the load is somewhat lower for the 5 ohm load case compared to the 10 ohm load case, the actual total power supplied to the push-pull circuit Psup is considerably higher for the 5 ohm load case.Waveform tests below at a moderate power level only show cross-over distortion below 10 mA bias with no indication of any cross-over distortion at 15 mA, the default bias I measured for my new Twin.Speakers: 1x10" Inputs (instr.GA-5 Skylark (1967-) 5W 1x10" Guitar Combo Speakers: 1x10" Gibson Ultrasonic Inputs: 2 Channels: 1?Oct 22, 2013, this article presents measurements and discussion of the push-pull power output stage for the vintage reissue Fender '65 Twin Reverb guitar amplifier model AB 763.This amp mic'd up gives a sound that other amps can't at all.
It has a power switch and a volue control.
Also by direct measurement under maximum output power, it was verified that there is very little "sag" in the screen-grid voltage ( 10VDC drop The load-line is drawn through the point Vp Vb 455VDC and through the knee of the plate characteristic for Vg2 450VDC.