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Sql server 2000 end of life

sql server 2000 end of life

The bad news is theres a huge amount of Server 2003 and likely SQL Server 2005 still out there.
After this date Microsoft will no longer provide assisted support security updates or hotfixes for SQL Server 2000 unless a custom support agreement is in place.
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However, the job of keeping everything operational falls to the NOC, not the developers.With the in-memory technologies, SQL Server 2014 saw 100-fold query performance gains and a 30-fold improvement in oltp processing. .3) Cost of upgrading existing products."A large portion of companies live by the belief is to stay one version behind is the safe zone.If there is a challenge, it could be finding a skilled DBA who knows how to use the old versions."The discovery process on Windows Server 2003 has driven awareness of SQL Server 2005 as well says Tiffany Wissner, senior director for data platform marketing at Microsoft.Next steps, identify old SQL Server installations in your infrastructure using the Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) toolkit.The few firms that choose Server 2008 mac os x 10.5.8 update to snow leopard do so only because they already had Server 2008 deployed internally and they wanted consistency across the line, even if that meant a fairly old operating system.IT departments tend to stall on the process to delay the inevitable of disruption, expense and replacement, but it has to be done.So as old Server 2003 instances were retired, so were SQL Server 2005 installs.Key resources to help evaluate SQL Server 2012 and plan your upgrade.