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Space rangers 2 reboot v2.0 trainer

space rangers 2 reboot v2.0 trainer

Arts - One of each artifact.
Shift Ctrl maximize all skills, skill 100 copies of all programs.Program, invulnerability, god, dominators attack systems very fast.Stimulant, transform player's hull into "Ideal" class hull.Device, one of each artifact, arts.Program - 100 copies of all programs.Ammo, copyright (1998).Module - One of each Micromodule.Hurry - Backup will be ready to arrive.Skill - maximize all skills.Search site: Space Rangers 2: Reboot, latest Forum Discussions: Cheat Codes, during contour blood monitoring system gameplay Type one of the following codes whilst holding.MegaBust - All robots and constructions for the player receive the double health; once per battle.Showmap - Reveals entire map.P - You are in the pirates' base.Dominators Capturing: Cheat : Horror Cost : 10 points Enter : Anywhere Effect: The dominators will begin to attack systems very fast!Horror, complete set of top-tier equipment.Ideal - Transform player's hull into "Ideal" class hull.Technic, unlimited ammo and fuel and no recharge for weapons.Planetary battle cheats: Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function.