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Solved chemistry board paper 2013

solved chemistry board paper 2013

CuSO4 (iv).Avogadro's Law (v).
Answers for both Section I and Section II were given for the benefit of the icse students.
Oxygen is released at anode (vi).Section I (40 Marks) (a) Choose the most appropriate answer: (i).Propene (ii) First member of alkane series Ans.More articles: icse Question Papers.Zinc oxide (v) non-metal which has luster Ans.Product at cathode: Lead Product at anode: Bromine (c) Classify the following as oxidation and reduction reaction, also complete the reaction.Its vapor density.112/328 x 656/10.4g of CaO (iv) Find out the mass of CaO formed when.6g of Ca(NO3)2 is heated?Methane (CH4) (iii) A solid which can be kept in the open, forms a solution after sometime Ans.(c) Give two important uses of ethanol.Then, 2 moles of Ca(NO3)2 weighs 2 x 164 328g (v) Find out the mass of calcium nitrate required to produce.8 liters of NO2.T.P (Relative molecular mass of Ca(NO3)2 164 and CaO 56) According to the given equation 4.4 liters.Graphite (iii) neutral oxide Ans.Ethanoic acid (v) Fourth member of alcohol series Ans.(b) Copy quickbooks pro 2012 keygen and complete the following table related to electrolysis.Iron (III) chloride (a delequescence substance) (iv) An alloy used in electrical fittings Ans.Propanal (iv) Second member of carboxylic acid Ans.
(b) What is denatured alcohol?
Students can download the icse Board's 2013 specimen Chemistry question paper in pdf from this link: icse Board's 2013 Specimen Chemistry question paper.