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Silent hunter pc game

silent hunter pc game

Expand, one of the best sub games around.
21 Shares, share, tweet, share, share, email.I won't buy ubi all because of starforce, it crashed.Unfortunately, Silent Hunter 5 seems unable to deliver a consistently satisfying sim experience.So the collision detection even in view mode is set correctly.I usually only play flight sims, but this things got me hooked.Ships crash into each other for no clear reason and your super mario game for asha 200 own sub will typing tutor for mac os x occasionally explode because the AI doesn't bother to turn off time compression when you're about to collide with another vessel.The tutorial teaches you how to shoot and how to move and leaves you to puzzle the rest of it out on your own.Key functions have been stripped from the interface in favor of clumsy commands and giving orders to the crew in person.You can ask a guy about his kids and his morale will still be for crap.It's not as good graphically as the newest sub games but is a better experience overall.You may also like, tags: download Silent Hunter 3 PC, download Silent Hunter 3 PC torrent, download torrent Silent Hunter 3 PC, Silent Hunter 3 PC download free, Silent Hunter 3 PC download torrent, Silent Hunter 3 PC free download, Silent Hunter 3 PC torrent.