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Shaman king episode 66

shaman king episode 66

They ask Anna to deliver the Chou Senji Ryakketsu to Yoh in the United States and the dust brothers space monkeys she leaves with running windows 2000 programs on xp Manta and Tamao.
At the airport, Anna explains she invited Faust to join Yoh's group because he is strong and will become the doctor of the future Funbari Hot Spring she plans to build.Sharona, Elly and Sally join Hao's group, while Milly and Lilly stay.Instead, he told Mosuke to flee.Meanwhile, Yohmei explains to Anna how the Asakura family managed to defeat Hao with the 1080.HoroHoro lerns his level is at 9260, but is shocked to find out Hao's.Before leaving, Milly tells him about Yoh's group, who are still looking for information leading to the Patch Village.19 "The 2 Big Souls" / "Yoh.The boys drop their oracle bells, signalizing they will be taking a break from the tournament, and start their journey, guided by Silva and Kalim.Some time later, the master fell ill and died, leaving Mick as Chocolove's guardian spirit.Jun then reveals her main Kyonshii: Lee Pai-Long himself.When the vehicles return for a second time, Allan's attempts to stop them cause a huge wildfire.By the church entrance, they find the Lilly Five passed out following the fight with the X-Laws, and Ryu tries to show him how cruel they can be even to a little girl like Milly.Ryu's gang force Ren away and take Yoh to the hospital.Later, Yoh confronts Ren again.Fudou tries to capture Amidamaru, who offers no resistance.Later, HoroHoro reveals he can also see spirits and that he's come to Tokyo to fulfill his dream of creating a vast field of petasites where the koro-pok-guru, spirits of his people's folklore, could live.Afterwards, Ren and Jun go face their father and try to prevent Yoh and his friends from going with them, but they insist.Before they move, however, the female trio emerges and challenges them once again.Manta sees Lyserg sneaking in and decides to follow him.
Lyserg intends to go too and is given a new pendulum by Jeanne.
Back inside, Ren deduces Boris is just a human with shamanic capabilities, explaining he just uses his guardian spirit to control other people and fool others into believing they are vampires, which explains why he can only control one victim at a time.