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Rome ii total war macedon units

rome ii total war macedon units

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It is useful especially on the Middle East, where you not always will be able to force enemy to attack your wall of pikes.
Pursuit Trihemiolia - Javelinmen, fast, relatively powerful pursuit ships, well able to hunt down pirates and other seagoing scum.
All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners.Heavy Onagers, the heavy onager is an enormous catapult built using the same basic design as its smaller sibling and capable of smashing down stone fortifications.Light Lancers, light lancers are fast, lightly equipped cavalrymen who rely on hit-and-run charges where the killing power of their lances are maximised.Unit of shield bearers is able to fight any foe.Holosideros Barracks (greek_military_heavy_2 level 1, hoplite Barracks (greek_military_heavy_3 level 2, disqus.The Macedonians have a fine tradition of horsemanship, unlike their southerly Greek neighbours, a legacy of having a large land-owning aristocracy who could afford to keep horses, unlike the farm-owning society of Greece that produced hoplites.Fatigue has less of an effect on this unit.They are armed with spears.However, when used to repeatedly charge enemy units they can have a tremendous cumulative effect.Traditionally these men would be given land grants after windows 10 tutorial july 2015 great victories, giving them a personal stake in the battle's outcome.They are in all cases excellent troops.
Under the leadership of Antigonus Gonatus, they are gracious rulers and shrewd tradesmen, enjoying bonuses to income and population happiness.