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Ann Intern Med 81:55-57.
For instance, it was used in a meeting sponsored by the World Health Organization (1989) to propose occupational exposure limits and has been adopted by agencies such as the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration; it is retained mainly for reasons of comparability.The medical management of inhaled lung toxins is similar to the management of respiratory irritants.Occupational Exposure Limit for Asbestos.Am Rev Respir Dis 14:605-609.Occupational disease surveillance: Occupational asthma.As a result, the ratio of the bronchial gland thickness to the bronchial wall thickness (the so-called Reid index) increases.Recently there was introduced into these models the interesting notion of "harmfulness delivery" (Vincent and Donaldson 1990).Person-to-person transmission between laboratory employees, food or waterborne transmission, or contact with a particular clinical specimen could not be shown to be risk factors.You will umwandeln pdf in word kostenlos get file within minutes.Particles of hard metal are also used in the production of a high-resistance layer on steel surfaces subjected to wear, applied through methods (plasma coating process and others) based on the combination of a powder spray with an electric arc or a controlled explosion.A case-control study of malignant and non-malignant respiratory disease among employees of a fibreglass manufacturing facility.Use of the scheme may lead to better international comparability of pneumoconioses statistics.If effective exposure controls are not implemented, the same individual might have to be considered permanently impaired to work in that job, with recommendation for medical removal.Mortality among patients with ankylosing sponchylitis after a single treatment course with X-rays.Transmission occurs when pathogens are aerosolized during the initial processing of clinical specimens from patients with uncertain infectious diseases, and is rarely recognized.Slag wool and rock wool production involves melting and fibrizing slag from metallic ore and igneous rock, respectively.Inhalation Fevers Certain inhalation exposures occurring in a variety of different occupational settings may result in debilitating flu-like illnesses lasting a few hours.It is not a fast-developing disease, usually taking at least ten years to be manifested, and often much longer when exposures are low.Table.26 Occupationally acquired infectious diseases contracted via microaspiration or inhalation of infectious particles.This is due to the fact that the indicator gas will not communicate with closed-off airways, and therefore the decrease in the indicator gas concentration will give erroneously small values.Am Rev Respir Dis 131:209-213.