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Reddit look of disapproval smiley

reddit look of disapproval smiley

Internet Commenter: IF YOU lined them ALL UP againsall AND shot them there would BE NO religious people look of disapproval: _ #face #emoticon #smiley #disapproval by April 22, 2009 an un-impressed face, also used to show distaste.
83 13 comments, the HomeStory Cup XVI powered by affilinet Survival Guide 149 13 comments.
So many Lennys ( ) ( ) ) ( ) 5 1 comment, disturbing Smile.
4 2 comments, what does this mean?How do I do this?u gotta be kidding me!0 1 comment, looking for a dick sucking emoticon 4 1 comment, can someone find this kaomoji and the black keys give your heart away copy/paste it in comments so I can use it?Person 2: _ #srs face #distaste #loln #paramore #nickelback by March 06, 2010 means: - r u serious?!106 40 comments, ret talks about his experience returning to BW, Differences between SC2 and BW for him, and potentially returning to competing in Sc2.65 8 comments, wCS Signature Series: Cool Stuff We Left Out - I wrote about some of the cool progamer stories that didn't make the cut for the videos.But mostly it's an excuse to tell my favorite INnoVation story.Top Definition a reddit meme started by the user look_of_disapproval, who has now joined the ranks of legendary redditors such as the esteemed Unicode_Unicorn.He will give a look of disapproval to stupid, insensitive, uncalled for, or just plain disgusting comments.344 25 comments, splyce CEO Marty Strenczewilk on his faith in SC2: "I'd rather have 1000 absolute passionate StarCraft fans than 10 million 'meh I sorta care' fans in another game" 334 17 comments, too soOn?Did you guys seen how spine works IRL against mech?Starcraft taught me how to learn 68 3 comments, lambo joins team qlash.w 7 ( o o) 0 3 comments, pain.In response to a posted picture of baby chickens under a heat lamp, titled "Hot Chicks".im not amuzed.ILikeMeat: Fap, fap, fap - look_of_disapproval: _ #reddit #look_of_disapproval #meme #internet #awesome #lol by April 22, 2009 a Look of Disapproval.In theatres February 2nd, comments, hSC XVI: The Drinking Game.Example 1: dude 1: i just gave my gf a dirty sanchez dude 2: _ example 2: weirdo 1: a unicorn just ate my virginity weirdo 2: # #x #.
Person 1: my fave bands are Paramore, Nickelback and I luv Justin Bieber!1!
1, does someone has high resolution emot HyperLuL?