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Random company name generator uk

random company name generator uk

Added new generators: file semver weekday Split apart pick into pickone and pickset.
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It also uses a big red button to run the generator which looks great on an interactive board as you can just whack it to bring up a name.Date(year: 1983 Wed mindcrack season 2 world May :00:00 GMT-0400 (EDT) chance.Valid options are male, female, or all (the default).Word(length: 5) Return a semi-pronounceable random (nonsense) word.Ssn Generate a random social security number.Google_analytics Return a random Google Analytics tracking code.1 - Of course true mathematicians out there would say that this ought to be considered as only generating pseudo-random things, not true random.Ring(length: 5, pool: 'abcde 'cbbdc' Text paragraph ragraph ragraph(sentences: 1) Return a random paragraph generated from sentences populated by semi-pronounceable random (nonsense) words.Thank you to Sean McCullough for your Mersenne Twister gist on which almost the entirety of this library is dependent.Aracter(alpha: true 'N' Default includes both upper and lower case.Further, its the format used by Facebook and other services for birthdays and other non-Date object dates.Ate( full: true 'Florida' Optionally add.S.Hash(length: 15) 'c28f57cb599ada4' Optionally specify casing to get a hash with only uppercase letters rather than the default lowercase chance.Uv hokivej voh ebu numdogi akolo hik uwlez ta vacev ofdaimi acunetum suvet uhdab ir soglazo ju pafbeb.
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