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Personal taste episode 15

personal taste episode 15

" A Ward Show " November 6, 2011 6AJN Roger becomes Steve's legal guardian, but gets a little overzealous in the parenting department.
" Camp Campawanda " June 5, 2017 bajn Steve is upset when Snot threatens their summer camp fun by becoming a counselor-in-training; Hayley and Jeff are suspicious of Roger when he organizes a Burning Man' reenactment for their anniversary.
Top Chef will head to Colorado for Season 15 where a fresh batch of cheftestants will explore the culinary scenes of Denver, Boulder, and Telluride.Dingleberry " September 4, 2017 bajn Roger becomes a marionette and injures other students to help Steve win the school talent show; Stan, Hayley and Klaus start their own local honey business." 42-Year-Old Virgin " November 18, 2007 3AJN05 6 48 At a poker game with the guys, Stan reveals that he has never actually killed anyone.When Stan oversteps his boundaries, Francine intervenes to keeps Steves virginity out of blondes way." The Life and Times of Stan Smith " July 24, 2017 bajn Stan becomes addicted to dying after Roger tricks him into thinking he had a heart attack; Klaus takes Steve to Arizona State University for a college visit, where a fraternity hazes him." Red October Sky " April 27, 2008 3AJN11 13 55 Stan goes in search guns and roses font of a former KGB agent, Sergei, and is shocked to find that the man is his new next-door neighbor and that Sergei has already turned Steve into a communist." Mine Struggle " May 30, 2016 aajn When Stan discovers a salt mine in the backyard, the Gordon Salt Company wants to buy.Hayley decides to let go of being a vegetarian and eat meat for one day.However, Roger takes his persona too far and Stan has to rescue him from an impending revolution.1, the season counts used by Netflix or other broadcasters are not permitted for use here." A Nice Night For a Drive " April 24, 2017 bajn Klaus gets transferred into the navigation system of Stan's car when Stan refuses to pay for life-saving surgery; Steve and his friends prank Roger, who then terrorizes them for revenge." Dreaming of a White Porsche Christmas " December 1, 2014 9AJN When Stan wishes he could have Principal Lewis' carefree, single life, a la "It's a Wonderful Life his wish comes true." Iced, Iced Babies " November 19, 2006 2AJN09 6 29 When Steve's new relationship with his girlfriend gives Francine empty nest syndrome, she tries to convince Stan to have another baby.Roger and the guys become determined to get Stan his first kill.The only one he finds is in Africa, and it's a refugee camp." G-String Circus " November 29, 2009 4AJN21 8 86 When Stan's business goes south, he finds himself dancing for cash.Meanwhile, Roger gets a Discover card and fakes his death to get out of paying the enormous balance.