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Pdf drucker windows 2000

pdf drucker windows 2000

Support for Windwos 8 RTM was added.
(8) Fix for uninstalling program specific event log.
Updated translations (Japanese, Afrikaans, German, Hebrew, Slovak, Swedish, Dutch, Russian, Danish, Bulgarian, Norwegian, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Slovenian).
No longer include Ghostscript.Dependency of leSystemObject has been removed.Fix: Error message removed when installing on XP 64 bit.Improved color support in PDF/A-1b documents.Color model pcanywhere 12.5 host & remote retail version setting to force RBB, cmyk, or Grayscale.Enhanced special character support in PDF passwords.Fixes problem with save as dialog selection being lost.Australian English language was added.Requires latest gslite.64 or full Ghostscript.64 essentials of geology marshak pdf or later.Produces smaller PDF/A documents.Fix: Maximize button disabled in options dialog.Creates output folder if it doesn't exist.Does not set the installed printer as default unless no default printer was selected by the user.Simplified Chinese as new language.With this setting you can specify which license to use.Fix for job names on printer queue when sending output to another printer.
New installer switch: PostScriptLanguageLevel to control the language level of the driver.
The home page icon will not be installed in the start menu when this parameter is specified.
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