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Mortimer beckett and the time paradox game

mortimer beckett and the time paradox game

Unscramble them to get a clue.
Aswan Place the oars on the row boat that is in the water.
Pick up the pieces that you need in order to get the rest of the pieces together.Downtown-store The neon light goes in the neon lamp that is above the robots head.Street All the pieces will be available right away.Plains Place the newspapers in the newspaper stand that is on the left side.The coin will appear on the round table in front of him.Left click to make the circle go clockwise.Just click on any 2 artifacts and they will swap places.The Ship is located on the far right side of the scene, where you see vista home premium service pack 1 64 bit the red and white sails.You can swap symbols by clicking on any two symbols and they swap places.The iron wheel goes on the train axle, left side glade The night potion goes on the black flowers that are at the base of the statue, left side.Once youre done with the puzzle, Mortimer tells you that you can go back and talk to King Arthur.The solutions may vary so I will post all the answers I was able to get.