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Medieval 2 total war manual

medieval 2 total war manual

Ild your crusade marker, preferably in a coastal province with a port connected to the chain of ships.
Link to guide, the file is called (surprise) printable beginners guide and the author is frogbeastegg.
59 References edit a b c "Medieval: Total War".2.1 Your main aims Your main overriding aim is to win either by conquering 60 or 100 of the map, or by having the most GA points.You also get the occasional cash gift of 1,000 florins from the Pope if you are Catholic.2.4 Mercenaries You should always aim to use fewer mercenaries; in fact you should avoid mercenaries unless you have no choice.Some provinces are particularly rich others are very poor.Retrieved Edge staff (September 2002).Recommendations: If you play the main medieval game start on early.A b c GameSpot staff (5 December 2001).Orthodox factions don #39;t deal with the Pope and they can be gamen liyumak awilla song common targets for crusades but as long as you keep your borders protected this shouldn #39;t be a problem.Economic build up is more complicated but basically the more farming income you get from a province the faster you get your investment back.Gothic units will be available at the start of the campaign, along with chivalric and feudal.Thus green troops can lower the overall, however as valour is tracked on an individual basis nothing is actually lost it only looks like.
14 Media releases over the subsequent months gave screenshots of the game, with more information on Medieval: Total War's features.
If you conquer a province destroy all the buildings in it, don #39;t try to keep.