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Keyword japanese font ime

keyword japanese font ime

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Perl bug fixed with crlf line endings.There were 2 FontQuality enums and the first is now PhasesDraw.SciTE performs syntax directed folding for C/C/Java/JavaScript and for Python.The makefiles have changed.PowerShell lexer supports multiline #.SciTE allows ortcuts to be defined with symbolic Scintilla messages like 'Ctrllsci_linedelete'.Users can attach photos by taking a picture with a Blogger app or selecting pictures from their photo galleries.Avoid creating a Cairo context when measuring text on GTK as future versions of GTK may prohibit calling gdk_cairo_create except inside drawing handlers.SciTE on GTK uses a high resolution window icon.An example use of this is the extlua module available from CVS which allows SciTE to be scripted in Lua.Increases user tool button.SciTE status bar can show the number of lines in the selection with the (SelHeight) property.Enter key works in save chooser.SciTE on GTK displays the user's home directory as ' in menus to make them shorter.Crash on recent releases of GTK.x avoided by changing default font from X core font to Pango font "!Sans".Find dialog box couldn't update multiline input box with selected text.Drop the dirty the gospel of thomas pdf marker after save completes.
Hidden indicator style allows the container to mark text within Scintilla without there being any visual effect.
Lexer for Erlang language.