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Kamen rider wizard episode 41

kamen rider wizard episode 41

Haruto, Mayu and Shunpei come running toward them.
White Wizard tells Yuzuru that he has earned the right to mathtype 6.0 full vn-zoom become a mage and that this is fate.
Its a note from the Phantom saying Akaris at a quarry on the edge of the city.Kosuke gets back up and attacks, but White Wizard catches every single one of Kosukes strikes.Kosuke tries to stop him, but Sylphi only drops Yuzuru before flying away with Akari.Well Im in high school, but Im a mage too!I think it was pretty expected that White Wizard would be very duplicitous.Across town, Haruto heads to meet Rinko after her call.I wish we saw more of Mayu and Kamen Rider Mage fighting, but hopefully theres more as we near the finale.But Sora just says nothing and hes merely doing what Wiseman wants.Across town, Wiseman senses Sora is nearby and asks what he needs.The White Wizard is also making her do this, but who is he really?But he suddenly hears a wind instrument playing.Mayu asks if hes made his decision and he tells them that he will not become a mage.Hes joined by the three Kamen Riders.So before that can happen, Sylphi resolves to continue to try and drive him to despair, now with the help of the kidnapped Akari.Its your choice, Mayu says.Episode Thoughts, aww shiii now we really are in the home stretch.Should be very exciting.