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Install backup exec 2012 agent on server 2012

install backup exec 2012 agent on server 2012

And choose oracle in Logon Account field.
Automated (Push) Installation of medieval ii total war pc game Backup Exec 2012 and above Agent for Windows.Enter a directory host:, do you want to add another name or address for this agent?Recommended: 2 GB RAM (or more for better performance).Remove system credentials used for Oracle operations.Choose one of the following options:.(Y/N Y Created symbolic link for /opt/vrtsralus/bin/ at /xx/app/oracle/product/ success: Successfully added the entry to the configuration file.An additional 330 MB is required for SQL Express.Do you want to use a custom port to connect to the media server during Oracle operations?Refer to your Microsoft Windows help documentation for instructions on how to view or set the paging file size.When you install Backup Exec on an rodc computer you must select a remote SQL instance for the Backup Exec Database.(Y/N N, commit Oracle operation settings to the configuration file?Note: Turn off User Access Control (UAC) for Windows 2008, Vista.Step 5: If the information is correct press Enter.Quit Please enter your selection: 3 Start agent: # /etc/it start Starting Symantec Backup Exec Remote Agent Starting Symantec Backup Exec Remote Agent: OK .
For the Central Admin Server Option: 1 GB RAM is required; 2 GB RAM is recommended.