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Install 10.7 on usb stick

install 10.7 on usb stick

So I have 2 x 1GB sticks.
Let me know if this process worked for you (especially the DVD part) or if there were any hiccups during the actual installation.
The usb now doesnt mount on the desk top and is only accessible through disk utility.Is there anyway I can get OS X to install from a usb stick?It's a normal Transcend Stick.After several failed attemps I finally figured, that the internal HD had a defect.Instead of downloading it again, I put the "g" on a 16 gig USB stick.View 14 Replies View Related Mar 30, 2012 I have created an account for my wife under Lion and I cannot get her user preferences for scroll bars to work.Info: iMac (21.5-inch Mid 2011) View 2 Replies View Related Jun 16, 2012 last Friday I ordered my first Mac on eBay.My question is, since the maximum RAM in this model macbook is 2gb, would it be possible build a lot 2 game full version to install a single 2gb stick into the working slot?My ideal would be to start from scrach - although I want to keep my itunes and iphotos files as well as my documents. .The blue color is still flowing like it is installing, but the bar has moved for over an hour.First: Go to the downloaded Install Mac OS X app that you downloaded via the Mac App Store, right click and select Show Package Contents.Advertisement, aug 28, 2009, i don't have access to a DVD ROM drive right now.