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Hwk support suite setup 2.2

hwk support suite setup 2.2

ADI KP170, KP175 added, cable as for KP130,KP210,KP260.
Users who not want to password protect folder mac os x 10.6 wait few hours for dhlt table generation can download the files ebook novel narnia bahasa indonesia from our Official Rapidshare mirror.Swift-aerofone B130 introduced(FL, cunl) Use 'Unlock E2P' to see Codes.SAMs V trident S730i (dunl, IM,FL)added.New BB5 products: RM-495,RM-496 (5130c-2,5130c-2b).Unlock and unfreeze introduced for these models: F480x,L760x,U900x,Z240 (Use qcdi Info button to readout keys) common Stop button added.USB Drivers are installed to X:Program SeDBx Quick Guide has been updated.Qualcomm added(FL, INF,reul) Added QualComm mode support: quausb# to enter QualComm mode, QC Debug Interface on USB) samusb# to enter Samsung mode, QC Debug Interface on RJ45) qcdi Info, NVM Read, RAM Read added.SAMs V swift-aerofone E1260B,E1260L added (punl, PIM,FL) E1265,E2262 added (UNL, sect,IM, FL) infineon C3322i,C3590,C3592 added (cunl, dbf to xls converter 1.20 punl,PIM, FL,UFL) Many thanks to all those who have supported us!Swift C3212i added(UNL, IM,FL) On the Fly E2P Patch added to keep Original imei number.We would like for some users to add localisation in their own native language to the software, localisation is added to SAMs only at the moment but will be added to other modules in future.T, 600, 702T, 500, 303, 701, 603, 300, C5-08, C5-05, C5-06).Qualcomm A836,A837, S5350, 350F, 29,U808 added.For Secure models (B5722,C3510,C6112,S3100) B5702,D988,F265L,S5050 (sect) bug fixed.
New DCT4 products: RM-519,RM-520 (2720a-2,2720a-2b).