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Grid reference to lat long converter

grid reference to lat long converter

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Valid formats include: N4338'19.39" 4338'19.39"N 43.39., if expressed in decimal one piece episode 323 sub indonesia form, northern latitudes are positive, southern latitudes are negative.
It is a bit rough, but please enjoy.Any suggestions would be most welcome.And a more plausible example data(wrld_simpl) maps - wrld_simplwrld_simplname in c map crackdown cspb 1.6 Argentina "Chile "Brazil "Antarctica mapsdf - fortify(maps) x -seq(-3433000,3433000, length.Sss Dec Mins Secs 385733.804N0951555.739W ddmmss.Ssss UPS Z2426773E1530125N mgrs ZGC.The next two points are the same, but they are about 14 meters southeast of the points above.Pol - CRS initepsg:3031 wgs - CRS initepsg:4326 proj4string(xy) - proj.UPS letters A, B, Y, Z are also supported.Hint: If you have many coordinates to convert, try.Georef is specified.01 minutes, which is a lower resolution than the other systems.Up vote 4 down vote, would this be of any help?Valid formats include: W11614'28.86" 11614'28.86"W.86 -116.
But I haven't managed to make it work with ArcGIS.3.