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Finance bill 2015 passed in rajya sabha

finance bill 2015 passed in rajya sabha

The GST bill is the most reformative tax reform, Jaitley said in Rajya Sabha, adding that the reform will give the country an economic boost.
11.40 am: NDA ally Shiv Sena has a question for the BJP Speaking to reports, Shiv Sena MP Sanjay run macro recorder excel 2010 Raut said: Shiv Senas stand is clear, how will you compensate loss that will be caused to BMC through GST?A solution within the framework of the GST is workable, says Jaitley.World over the tax rate is between.1 and.8 per cent.Wouldve been better had there been better dialogue when Finance Minister Chidambaram tried to take GST Bill forward.Only 15 per cent are taxed at the standard rate, says Arun Jaitley.In a non-GST system, if I collect some tax for Tamil Nadu, they have to wait till the parliament passes an appropriation bill.PM Modi backs Jaitley, in a strong show of support for.Now, states have 2/3rd of the vote and Centre 1/3.We cannot break the backs of the poor.OBrien is now"ng what the two parties had said in the past on the GST bill, saying it was important that the politics of the GST bill be discussed, because for two years, two houses were stalled by the BJP over GST and FDI.When we talk about 18 per cent, it is not something that fell from the sky.The states are worried that their rights will be curbed and fiscal rights taken away.2.15 pm: Jaitley said disputes in the GST bill will be resolved by the GST council.2.00 pm: As the House resumed, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley moved that the Constitution 122nd Amendment bill be moved and passed cracking the toefl ibt by the Upper House. .Its about the people of this country.
11.50 am: What will the Bill in Parliament today do?