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Europa universalis iv patch 1.2.2

europa universalis iv patch 1.2.2

Rebels entered our hindi alphabet writing workbook country now has a go to button.
Russia gets Siberia for same price as Spain gets south america.# Losing Cores Countries that have been annexed will now lose their cores over time When forming a nation, the previous nations cores will now be wiped Cores in the same culture group can now.
12 unique cavalry modes for the Ottoman.It featured an updated map with greater detail and added provinces in Japan, Korea, and China.Retrieved 2 February 2014.Publisher: Strategy First, Virtual Programming (Macintosh).YesMan is now reset when starting a new game.Threaded calculation of gained and lost CBs.Memory: 2 GB RAM, graphics: nvidia GeForce 8800 or ATI Radeon X1900, 512mb video memory required.1.6.2 e98d Hotfix.6.1 4a16 Hotfix.6 96a 5th major patch.Statute_of_monopolies now require 30 mercantilism instead of 75 Major Event Chains All major revolt event chains require no active revolts and positive stability to end Peasants War can now end quicker if you have higher stability Catholic religation mtth modifiers in event "Peasants' War" will.On Monarch Death tooltip will now show the name of an heir's dynasty.Add file and help us achieve our mission of showcasing the best content from all developers.Why missionaries have no progress is now listed in the tooltip for construction/outliner.Added an opinion penalty for breaking a royal marriage.Papacy Papal Influence cap now goes up full five years of growth and its properly explained.Province Handan no longer has a tiny bit of river in Jinan assigned.Gamebalance, inflation, bankruptcy now only reduces inflation.1.14.4 e1a1 Hotfix.14.3 f611 Hotfix.14.2 game maker 8.1 decompiler 4c26 Hotfix.14.1 bradygames final fantasy x 7f1 Hotfix.14 fb1c 13th major patch.1.3.2 2a0 Hotfix.3.1 1683 Hotfix.3 2289 2nd major patch.2.2 fe2b Hotfix.2.1 42e8 Hotfix.2 86c2 1st major patch.New mechanics pertaining to elections are introduced, along with election events for the Dutch republics and a national focus.(4 starcraft 2, donations so far: 503,45.
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