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Essential guide to html5 and css3 web design

essential guide to html5 and css3 web design

Then well move on to cover how to style lists in CSS, list margins and padding, and inline lists.
Defining font size and line height In theory, defining font sizes should be easy enough.To deal with zoomed text in IE 7, it may also be necessary to set a pixel font-size value for the naruto game for psp 3000 heading thats smaller than the height of oracle 8i client for windows 7 the image.For letter-spacing, the value increases whitespace between characters, and for word-spacing, the defined value increases whitespace between words.Anti-aliased text attempts to emulate the soft curves of the original font by introducing gray or colored pixels at the edges.Pull"s are more common, and while part of their use in printtaking a choice" and making it stand out on the page to draw in the readeris less effective online, pull"s are still handy for highlighting a piece of text (such.Ut sodales lacus sed eros.However, override rules can easily get around this problem (see Dealing with font-size inheritance later in the chapter and the method generally leads to more satisfactory results from a design, control, and user point of view than either of the other two methods mentioned.Set float and width values to float the pull" and define its width.This is used to draw attention to the first use of such a term and is also typically displayed in italics.Style the list item elements.Heres an example: ul li List item one ul li Nested list item one /li li Nested list item two /li /ul /li li List item two /li li List item 'n' /li /ul Always ensure that the list element that contains the nested list.Instead, the example should be marked up like this: h1 Article heading /h1 p Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.Using the contextual selector bloc" p, style the paragraph text within the bloc" element.Within the wrapper div, create a definition list and give it a class value of codeList.Example files for this are f, s, and ml, located in the chapter 3 folder.Define a line-height value and margin-top value to vertically position the character; you may need to experiment some when working on your own designs outside of this exercise, since the values required are somewhat dependent on the font-size setting.Text that, for example, spans the entire width of a 23-inch monitor rapidly becomes tiring to read.The rule colors the background of dt elements within any element with a class value of codeList and also adds some padding so the content of the dt elements doesnt hug their borders.The html and body rules set the default size of the text on the web page.5, as explained in the Setting text using percentages and ems section earlier in this chapter.margin: 0; padding: 0; Once youve done this, you should primarily control spacing between text elements via the bottom margins: h1, h2 margin-bottom: 10px; p margin-bottom: 1em; In the previous example, the margins below headings are small, enabling the eye to rapidly travel from.For this example, the top level of the list (styled via ul) has a star background image that doesnt repeat (the 1px vertical value is used to nudge the image into place so it looks better positioned and the list-style-type value of none removes the.