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Easybcd linux mint windows 8

easybcd linux mint windows 8

Try using the Windows bootloader.
This "next boot" option could be turned into a semi-permanent work-around by adding the efibootmgr command to the Linux startup scripts, so every time you boot Linux it would reset the value so that it would boot Linux again the following time.
The simplest and nicest of course is the first, just install and boot grub, if that works on your particular system.I know that the Windows bootloader had not been seeing or offering to boot anything other than Windows.You dont need to be a genius to figure out what to do here afterward.The only problem that I have seen with this option is that some systems make it difficult to enable Legacy Boot, either the option is well hidden in the bios configuration, or you actually have to set a bios password before they will let you.It turns out that in addition to the normal "boot sequence" list in the uefi boot configuration, there is also a "next boot" option, which specifices a one time boot configuration.Right click on your Windows volume and select Extend Volume, next to the wizard (keep clicking Next) and when youre done you hace Reclaimed the partitions.Reclaim your hard drive space:.After fighing with easyBCD for a very long time, and finally surrendering, I decided to make a run at the bcdedit utility, which is the standard Windows approach to this kind of configuration.Here, choose the size of the root (10 GB is enough but I chose to have 20 here choose ext4 file system, and mount point as / (i.e.Once the installation is over, you will be presented with the option to keep trying live version or to restart the system.Ml, you'll see a pop-up screen after reboot, yet don't worry about that the first time, enable your Firewall, update your computer, reboot, and when you see the pop-up screen again with the links, look for the 'Install multimedia codecs' one click to install these.I could get the Linux item added to the Windows bootloader menu, and I could set all kinds of different things as the boot object, but none of them worked.I didn't say it was nice, billing explorer versi 4.43 or elegant, or even pretty, but does work, because I have tried.
That was exactly what was being offered if I used the Boot Selection option, as described above, but if I just let Windows boot normally there was no sign of these others.