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Brainiac science abuse episodes

brainiac science abuse episodes

Bush thinking that the answer to all of the country's problems is a giant ball of twine.
If you recruit the mages in Dragon Age: Inquisition, your main enemy for the mission is a Tevinter magister who's discovered rudimentary time travel.
Time City is " outside " normal time, using recycled time (hence very important/emotional moments get burned in and are seen as time ghosts both before and after the event).Timeless Space - Where every Failed Time Traveller ends.Cam did the Kid from the Future thing on his championship manager 03/04 patch 4.1.5 quest to become Sixth Ranger, and Carter got the chance to repeat a day and save the lives of his teammates.Church escapes the past by having the computer Gary use his power to create a time machine so that he can go forward in time and stop any of this from ever happening.It went to the extent that after their two first series it was agreed upon by the two hosts that time travel wouldn't be allowed in their third series, league of justice game with an unspecified punishment each time the rule were to be broken.Time Travel is such an amusingly big thing in Star Trek that, in Star Trek Online, Section 31 are revealed to have a star system set up specifically for pulling off the "slingshot around a star" stunt with precise calibration.Check out the screengrab!Pre-Mortem One-Liner : All of Mad Harriet's dialogue.The mechanics aren't exactly consistent; time travel in Ocarina of Time causes a timeline split, but seems to operate on a Stable Time Loop system in the Oracle of Ages.Eldritch Abomination : The Cthulhoid Karkull.Titus Software, the company that made the game, also released Superman, a Game Boy game also based on the series, two years prior.Dresden Codak has a major plot arch which revolves around time travelers from the future entering and later invading the present.Whereupon a small band of Autobots, led by Smokescreen are inadvertently dragged along with him.Downer Ending : As the series ends in Legacy, Superman has finally defeated Darkseid, free of the brainwashing that forced him to lead an invasion of Earth, and he tosses Darkseid to the masses of Apokolips for judgment, freeing the planet after eons of slavery.Fairly early on, it is established that he is a "singularity point" a person who is completely immune to changes in the time stream and thus especially qualified to battle time-traveling Monsters of the Week.G-L Gas Leak Cover-Up : In "New Kids in Town Saturn Girl mind-controls everyone in Smallville to believe that the damage caused by Brainiac's rampage came from a tornado.After returning home to his village, he finds himself three hundred years in the future, where he is long forgotten, his house in ruins, and his family long dead.Beam-O-War : Twice in "Ghost in the Machine." Mercy Graves attempts to shoot Brainiac with her pistol, but he easily overpowers her.What was it like being stuck in that hole for a thousand years?" "I was enjoying it - until you guys showed up!The Cavalry : In "Apokolips.
What is more, he convinces him that he was simply toying with the annoying imp the entire time (and very well might have been).
Omnicidal Maniac : Brainiac's goal is the eventual destruction of all existence after he has collected its data.