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Battlefield 2 kubra dam single player

battlefield 2 kubra dam single player

Description, edit "Active Component brigades of the US Marines are deploying toward a key dam site in the Saudi desert, intent upon control of this strategic location.
It is a map for BF2.
To counter serial windows 7 professional the threat, MEC forces are advancing their own mobile brigades to blunt the US spearhead.This article is a stub.I never noticed that Kubra Dam was not in the list.For your ultimate Co-op experience I'm releasing default BF2 map with full bot support, which means that you can play in Co-op mode on all sizes of these maps.Read the location of the thread.Combat, close Quarters to Long Rang, singleplayer.12y, posted by Xero, first, what is Kubra Dam?Air support is available to both teams, but only on the 64-player version of the map.Wichtig: Vor der Installation bitte eine Sicherheitskopie der Originalmapdateien anlegen, winrar 32 or 64 ansonsten pengamen jogja asooy geboy kann es zur Beeintr├Ąchtigung des Onlinespielens kommen.It may contain little or inaccurate information.It is recommended for players to use kits with weaponry suitable for close quarters as much of the map's main combat zones will be in tight, confined spaces.The ultimate objective of both sides in this battle is to gain control of the entire Kubra Dam sector.".